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My devil had been long caged, he came out roaring.

- The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson (via elucipher)

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Fact: comic creators share feelings with fangirls, often.


Fact: comic creators share feelings with fangirls, often.


  • I have her. Find him.


sometimes you wake up and you’re like bucky barnes didn’t deserve any of the shit he went through

Once upon a time I got tagged to do the “six selfie challenge” and forgot to complete it for 84 years. Better late than never is all I can really say here? And I’m allergic to timeliness on principle.

(I tag anyone who has a soft spot for outdated memes and is comfortable putting their face on the internet).

Go forth ヽ(´ー`)ノ


Raise your hand if you’re straddling the line between crippling anxiety and not giving any fucks about anything





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  • what I say: nice shirt
  • what I mean: duDE I'M IN THAT FANDOM

Winter Soldier by 疾速k.


Winter Soldier by 疾速k.


Kiss art challenge :

on the 3) cheek 2) nose 9) neck 8) chin 7) lips


i am always emotional about the sheer brutality lurking just under the surface of steve’s outward-innocence. like, this is a man who cares deeply, and loves, and will protect what is good with life and limb, but is also chock full of fight and will not hesitate one single second to burn everything to the ground if you leave him no other choice. this is a man who learned the hard way to finish what he starts because if you start running, they’ll never let you stop, and i just

#i think about this a lot #and about how #out of the occasions we’ve truly seen this #the slash-and-burn of steve’s personality #the rage that drives him to be truly *dangerous* #the few times that really comes out in the franchise so far #have all been directly related to bucky: #after bucky’s death he goes from not wanting to kill anybody #to not wanting to stop until EVERYONE in HYDRA is dead or captured #after he finds out what’s happened to him in the present-day #it’s no longer enough to purge SHIELD #he wants it scorched from the earth #and it’s clear enough what’s driving him that even Fury notices #Fury’s been in a freaking *cave* nearly-dead for most of the movie #and he observes what’s happening nd the look on Steve’s face #and his first response #his first attempt at keeping this part of Steve at bay #is to tell him he (and thus presumably large portions of SHIELD) #didn’t know about Barnes #and of course that’s the moment #because if Steve can’t burn everything else to the ground #can’t destroy SHIELD for what they’ve done #he’ll throw himself on the pyre #for letting Bucky fall #that rage turns inward too #and it’s what makes him so damn interesting (via linzeestyle)

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horseshoe crab!



[“been around a long long time”]

The videos are well-circulated, and easy to find — Steve pulls them up on Youtube almost immediately, using a Stark Phone and its access to a version of the internet that hasn’t been censored for his ‘protection.’  They were filmed in the mid-50s and held as classified information until 2005, and Steve’s breath still catches when he sees Peggy as she was when he met her, years ago, vibrant and sharp and intent on the camera.  

“Can you tell me about Captain Rogers’ relationship with Sergeant Barnes?”

On the screen, Peggy’s lips purse, expression hardening.  “I wasn’t aware it was government practice to pursue censure on a dead man.  A hero, nonetheless.  We’d likely all be dead if it weren’t for Captain Rogers, Mister—I’m sorry, what did you say your name was again?”

“Wills, Director.  I’m an archivist.  This is an exclusively scholarly question, I can promise you that.”

“I see.”  Peggy still looks wary, but her posture softens slightly; Steve finds himself mimicking her on instinct, even now, following her lead because she always had a better idea what it was she was doing.  “Mister Wills, may I ask who you’ve spoken to thus far?”

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